How One Under 30 Overcame The Barrier To Funding For Latino-Owned Businesses

Miguel Garza knows that, statistically, the deck is stacked against a startup  like the one he runs.

While Latino-owned businesses account for 12% of all small businesses in the U.S. and grow two-and-a-half times faster than the average U.S. business, these companies — and their leaders — face a dearth of capital and a ceiling on revenue. According to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, less than 1% of startups funded by venture capitalists have a Latino founder. Continue reading How One Under 30 Overcame The Barrier To Funding For Latino-Owned Businesses

From NBA Executive To Food Entrepreneur: How This Latina Built Her Dream Company

Saskia Sorrosa applied for a food processing license while working as a VP of Marketing at the NBA because that’s what a normal day can look like for an entrepreneur. Now, almost 2 years after leaving the NBA to lead her own baby food company, Fresh Bellies, the workload hasn’t gotten any lighter and Sorrosa loves it.

“Building a business takes time, the stakes are high and there are many setbacks along the way,” explains Sorrosa. “Reminding myself to get up, keep at it and never lose sight of my mission – and why it’s important – has been my driving force.”

For Sorrosa that mission is anchored in the kind of food she wants to be able to feed her children.

“I’m originally from Ecuador and the food I grew up with was highly seasoned – everything was made with fragrant herbs and spices – and the big focus in our culture was around savory flavors,” says Sorrosa. “Thanks to my early exposure to flavor, I became an adult with an adventurous palate and a deep appreciation for all types of foods.”

Fresh Bellies is Sorrosa’s attempt to give her own daughters – and other children – the opportunity to develop the same adventurous palate from a young age. Fresh Bellies product line includes flavorful twists to classics, like “Apple of my eye”, which is an apple and blueberry puree that’s mixed with mint.

“My upbringing coupled with the needs of the U.S. market evolved into our vision; to help reverse the rise in unhealthy eating habits by changing the way kids eat from the onset,” shares Sorrosa. “Our mission is to create a new generation of healthful, adventurous eaters starting with a baby’s very first bite.”

Below she shares more behind the scene details of juggling a corporate job and startup, what children’s book helped inspire her entrepreneurial journey and what advice you should take to heart.

Vivian Nunez: How did you take the idea of wanting healthier, more flavorful children’s food to actual mass production? 

Saskia Sorrosa: In the early days, we spent 12-15 hour stints in a commercial kitchen making the food ourselves and hand filling each and every jar. We sold at Farmers’ Markets first, then moved into stores. Once we were ready to expand nationally, we began to grow our team and build strategic partnerships.

When I first made the transition, I went from sitting behind a desk to standing under a tent at Farmers’ Markets, getting to know artisanal food makers and the farming community. It brought me closer to our food source and gave me a deep appreciation for our food system. It also gave me an opportunity to build relationships with our customers and understand their needs first-hand. Those very early days were critical in helping us grow from a deeply-rooted local business to a disruptive national movement.

Continue onto Forbes to read the complete article.

Are You a Manager?

Ways to improve your employees’ work-life balance

Workers’ ability to juggle the demands of the office and home is on the upswing, with those in charge greatly aiding the cause, new research suggests. In the Robert Half Management Resources survey, the majority of professionals (52 percent) said their work-life balance has improved from three years ago. Continue reading Are You a Manager?

One Band One Sound – A Musical Path to Secure Your Brand’s Reputation

By Kenton Clarke

Founder & Social Entrepreneur | Omnikal

A Unified Sound Develops a Lasting Memory

The topic on many corporate minds today and conversations inside corporate teams is one of brand reputation and brand rescue. The most recent examples of message confusion, message delusion and brand salvage have been seen in the form of national ad campaigns, employee communication and corporate leaders’ far-reaching statements. Diversity and Inclusion. These two words are the running theme for the examples mentioned. Continue reading One Band One Sound – A Musical Path to Secure Your Brand’s Reputation

Selena Gomez: Innovating Social Media

By Mackenna Cummings

Actress and singer Selena Gomez got her start at the age of nine on Barney and Friends and quickly rose as a Disney Channel star with the television show Wizards of Waverly Place, where she played a Latina-Italian middle daughter on the longest-running Disney channel show. But the young performer has moved far beyond her early days as a teen celebrity, and she’s using her rising status to bring awareness to issues she is passionate about.
Continue reading Selena Gomez: Innovating Social Media




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