Health Advocates Discuss the Challenges and Opportunities of Medicaid at ConsejoSano Future of Medicaid Forum

Andy Slavitt
Andy Slavitt-Keynote Speaker
North Hollywood, CA (January 24, 2018) — ConsejoSano, a multicultural patient engagement platform for underserved populations, brought together leading health advocates to discuss the future of Medicaid. The event featured opening remarks from Andy Slavitt, former Administrator of Medicaid and Medicare, as well as an esteemed group of panelists from across the healthcare spectrum. Among the key topics at the event was the power and importance of healthcare technology in underserved communities, in addition to the challenges and opportunities ahead for Medicaid.

ConsejoSano works with a range of partners including Medicaid, Medicare and, Medicare Advantage programs to support managed care communities through strengthened links to their healthcare. The company has been recognized by the California Health Care Foundation as a leader in the healthcare industry for providing innovative solutions in Medicaid.

“ConsejoSano advocates for Medicaid by educating people about the importance of the Medicaid programs and pushing for innovation to improve health outcomes,” said Abner Mason, CEO of ConsejoSano. ““Bringing leaders together to discuss Medicaid is just one part of our vision for helping to improve care among underserved populations.”

Andy Slavitt, former Administrator of Medicaid and Medicare was the keynote speaker at ConsejoSano Medicaid Forum. He discussed the current status of Medicaid, what’s happening in the healthcare industry and the importance of education and awareness in our communities. Attendees engaged with panelists and speakers during a Q&A session following the panel conversation. It was noted as one of the first Medicaid-focused events to be held during the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Week.

“The good thing about J.P. Morgan Week, is that it draws innovative people who want to invest.” said Andy Slavitt. “The question is, should healthcare capital be focused on solving big problems and getting rewarded for them, or just focused on the status quo?”

In addition to the Future of Medicaid forum event, ConsejoSano will launch a Healthtech for Medicaid coalition of leaders dedicated to underserved populations later this year. For more information about ConsejoSano or to join the Healthtech for Medicaid coalition, visit

About ConsejoSano

ConsejoSano is a multicultural patient engagement platform dedicated to improving health outcomes for underserved populations for payers, providers and employers. For more information, visit

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