NY Leadership Tour: Dismantling Latinx Biases and Promoting Inclusive Leadership

In a packed room on the 31st floor of 425 Park Ave, MLB, NFL and NBA joined forces at MLB’s headquarters to discuss biases in professional sports and their journeys in promoting inclusivity within their organizations. ​Led by the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement and a panel of executives representing each organization, they shared personal stories of their experiences with cultural divide, discrimination and how they work to tackle these issues. Attending the February 28th event was moderator Renee E. Tirado, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for MLB, and a panel that included Ann Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of the WNBA, Marissa Fernandez, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy for the NFL, and Jorge E. Perez Diaz, Senior VP of Litigation and International Affairs for MLB.

HACE’s 2018 Leadership Tour spans across 10 cities and focuses on the theme of Dismantling Biases and Building Inclusive Leadership, with Fortune 500 executives helping to engage the conversations. “We intend to address the issue of career progression head-on by hosting a series of panel discussions with top executives to determine the future of what can be achieved,” said Patricia Mota, HACE president and CEO. “Unless companies change their approach to diversity from top-to-bottom, they will never be able to retain top talent and Latinos will never rise to leadership positions,” Mota said. “Our focus is on what companies can do now and the steps to get there.” View full press release here.

The journey continues with stops along Atlanta on March 29 and San Francisco/Palo Alto on April 5. Additional stops in D.C./McLean VA, Dallas, Miami, Minneapolis and Dallas to be announced. Find additional events and details here: http://haceonline.org/events/

To learn more about HACE and become a member or corporate sponsor, visit www.HACEonline.org. For tickets visit www.HACEonline.org/events

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