City Career Fair

City Career Fair

Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs provide recruiters access to the United States’ largest pool of diverse, multi-cultural, and qualified professionals.

It is the only career fair that targets and delivers candidates from ALL classes covered under the TitleVII Civil Rights Act of 1964*. This includes Women, People of Color, Seniors, LGBTQ and People with Disabilities.

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Meet Top Business Schools Virtually

The World’s Largest MBA Tour is coming to your home this fall! Register now and join our partner, QS, virtually for FREE to meet with top business schools! At this online event, you can get all your MBA-related questions answered and learn about different business schools’ program offerings.

  • Gain access to $7M in scholarships
  • Receive a virtual resume review after the event
  • Attend info. sessions and seminars
  • Receive test prep resources
  • Participate in an alumni panel
  • Attend a Happy Hour Q&A to network with fellow attendees
  • All for FREE and from the comfort of your home!

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Meet Top Grad Schools Virtually

The World’s Largest Grad School Tour is coming to your home this fall! Register now and join us virtually for FREE to meet with top graduate schools! At this online event, you can get all your grad school-related questions answered and learn about different schools’ program offerings.

  • Gain access to $7M in scholarships
  • Receive a virtual resume review after the event
  • Attend info. sessions and seminars
  • All for FREE and from the comfort of your home!

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From Day One Conferences:

From Day One is pleased to invite you to our upcoming events. Our weekly webinars are complimentary to attend and range from 60 to 90 minutes each.

    • Beyond Diversity: Bringing Substance to Inclusion and Belonging
      February 16,2022
      With candidates gaining the upper hand, how can recruiters and their companies respond? When everyone’s hiring, what innovative techniques can give an employer a competitive advantage? The answers lie in what workers say is most important in choosing employers right now: better compensation, to be sure, but also personalized benefits, an inclusive environment, and a sense of social purpose. Plus: How can technology help recruiters find non-traditional candidates with potential?
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    • Enhancing Total Rewards to Fit the Workforce’s New Expectations
      March 9, 2022
      As many employees talk with their feet, what have we learned about what encourages loyalty? While compensation will always be a factor, which tangible and intangible rewards are most important to workers in the post-pandemic era? From student-loan relief to job flexibility, what have been the most effective changes that employers have made? What innovations are on the horizon?
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    • Managing the Human Impact of Digital Transformation
      April 6, 2022
      As the shift to distributed work speeds up the adoption of new digital tools, companies need to observe closely how workers use the new technology–and maintain a dialogue with them about its impact on their work lives. Are the new tools improving operational efficiency? Do they help employees focus more on higher-value work? Do workers have the right training to make the best use of the new tech? How many tools are too many? And what are the ingredients of a sound digital strategy, as opposed to pursuing new tech on an ad-hoc basis?
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    • New, Active Approaches to Employee Coaching & Recognition
      May 18, 2022
      Employee coaching has not only boomed in corporate America; it has also evolved. What used to be only for executives is now democratic–and embraced by employees as a key to growth and advancement. How has coaching changed in ways that are more individualized, more holistic, and more inclusive? What are the most innovative new formats, including peer-to-peer coaching? How does recognition tie into the new coaching culture by boosting employee engagement?
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    • New Voices: Bringing a More Inclusive Approach to Diversity
      June 8, 2022
      It’s a given that more diverse workplaces are more innovative and productive, but how can employers make sure they’re doing everything they can to hear what workers have to say? What signals can management send to create the psychological safety to speak up–and feel heard? How can managers be trained to listen to their workers, both as individuals and as groups? And what has recent employee activism shown us about how management can be responsive in a mutually beneficial way?
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USPAACC LiveTALK – State of the Asian American Businesses

January 25th, 2022 2pm EST

USPAACC is proudly recognized as the most established and effective non-profit organization representing Pan Asian Americans and related groups in business, sciences, arts, sports, education, public, and community services.

On Tuesday, January 25th at 2:00 pm ET, Susan Au Allen, National President & CEO of USPAACC will share her thoughts on the state of Asian American businesses.

The message includes outline the obstacles we’ve overcome and the significant challenges we still face, and highlight our success stories, as we look toward a brighter future.

As the state of Asian American business is good and it is getting much better, join us and listen to her speech to kick off 2022 with confidence and motivation!

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AMAC Legends & Leapers: January 2022

January 26, 2022

The AMAC Legends & Leapers speaker series is a monthly conversation between an aviation industry legend and an emerging leader designed to showcase the commonalities and differences in perspective on the aviation industry.

Please register to participate in this informative and fun virtual discussion. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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AMAC Economic Opportunity and Policy Forum

March 21-22, 2022

The AMAC Economic Opportunity and Policy Forum will be held March 21–22, 2022 in Washington, DC. Sign up for the latest forum news on the event website and be the first to know of all the latest updates!

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SACNAS CareerCon 2022

February 22, 2022

CareerCon is a FREE event and opportunity for STEM students and jobseekers to learn more about jobs in industry, build skills to help in a future job search, and connect directly with employers to get the inside scoop on landing an internship or job!

At CareerCon, undergraduate students through mid-career professionals from your institution will:

Engage in trainings to bring your whole self to the job search
Network and ask questions of employers about the hiring process, interview tips, workplace culture, and more!
Be matched with 5 companies who are currently hiring, including Johnson&Johnson, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), IBM, NSA, and so many more!

This event is FREE to participants ($500 value), so don’t wait – apply today!

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Global Conference

Advancing Worker Safety and Enhancing Careers

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals® (BCSP®) is pleased to announce the Global Learning Summit (GLS), a professional development opportunity for all with safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) responsibilities.

To take place virtually from May 10-12, 2022, the GLS will provide a low-cost, high-quality professional development opportunity to everyone with a role in SH&E, removing the barriers associated with high cost and geographic location.

The GLS capitalizes on cutting-edge content delivery to provide a global audience with 100+ hours of high-quality professional development and educational opportunities. It offers event attendees an opportunity to actively participate, network, and pursue
professional development in a capacity that is convenient, affordable, and readily attainable.

Details are available at the BCSP Global Learning Summit’s website, BCSPGLS.COM.

Air Force Civilian Service

Air Force Civilian Service

Upcoming Events

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    January 19, 2022 - November 4, 2022
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    February 9, 2022
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    February 17, 2022 - December 1, 2022
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  5. Prospanica 2022 Leadership Summit
    March 10, 2022 - March 12, 2022
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    March 10, 2022 - March 12, 2022
  7. CSUN Center on Disabilities 2022 Conference
    March 13, 2022 - March 18, 2022
  8. HACR 2022 Latina Empow(h)er Summit ™
    March 21, 2022 - March 23, 2022
  9. UNIDOS US Changemakers Summit & Capital Awards
    March 28, 2022 - March 30, 2022
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    March 29, 2022